20 Cool Things about the Towerlands

  1. The Towerlands are named for a few dozen featureless spires that appeared in Junnia. They stand up to 300 feet tall, have no entrances, and no apparent purpose.
  2. There’s a goddess named Torchbearer who has appeared in the world after the Planefall, even when all other deities seem to be cut off.
  3. Junnia is riddled with limestone caves, one 25 miles long. One of the rivers flows into the ground under some hills and comes back out ten miles later.
  4. Every hamlet and town is surrounded by a ritual spirit ring to keep bad things out.
  5. Elves and goblins have only been in this world for two thousand years. The elves invaded in the west, the goblins in the east. Both entirely conquered the civilizations they touched.
  6. When wizards screw up spellcasting, it summons monsters.
  7. The Planefall caused magical energy to seep into the world, which in turn protects itself from it by surrounding it with cysts. People seek out cysts for their strange properties.
  8. Halflings are nomadic horse warriors from the east. They share some heritage with the Goblin Hordes. They live in yurts.
  9. After the Planefall, a Druidic Order started ruling Junnia informally. They control the hamlets and peasantry because they maintain their spirit rings.
  10. Wizards paint spells onto hollowed-out eggs to create one-use magic items.
  11. The region practices a unique martial form called Baranta, which combines western sword techniques, eastern horse archer skills, and eastern animal-form martial arts.
  12. Sometimes wandering spirits take up residence in statues and bring them to life. You can play these as characters.
  13. Dwarves used to live in an underground “hollow earth” world, but it flooded and the survivors settled on the surface among the humans.
  14. People from Earth from different time periods get sucked into the Towerlands and can’t get home.
  15. Octonian priests worship the Four Forms and Four Forces. They write down their dreams in a form called the Grammar and analyze its numerological significance, sometimes leading to major religious schisms.
  16. The dessicated hand of St. Stebn is believed to give its holder great magical power, but only if they replace their own hand with it.
  17. Stormdragons like to turn cities into nests, after the reduce them to rubble. Each dragon represents a different calamity: lightning, earthquake, tsunami, tornado, volcano, blizzard, and so on. No one lives in cities anymore.
  18. The universe is huge and complex. Junnia is in a plane called Aleyra. Elves and goblins invaded Aleyra from the plane of Greendim thousands of years ago. There are other planes with names like Diviny, Entroph, Machina, Firma, and Flwd. Oh, and Earth.
  19. Junnia is currently without a monarch. Various regions are controlled by oligarchs, palatine barons, voivodes, and petty warlords.
  20. Junnia’s geography is a copy of Earth’s Pannonian basin, the areas we associate with Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. It’s a ring of mountains with a large flat plain in the middle, spiderwebbed by rivers and soaked with swampland.