Cepheus Engine Traveller Verge

Amazing, ginormous flowchart for creating characters in Cepheus Engine

I’m hosting Session Zero of my new Verge Sector campaign tonight. The campaign is intended to be short (3-5 game sessions) for five committed players who will meet every other Thursday. We’re using the Cepheus Engine rules and playing in the Verge Sector of the Third Imperium.

Tonight, we’ll collectively decide the direction of the campaign and make up characters.

Character creation in Traveller and Cepheus Engine is a little complicated. It’s not so bad if you’ve done it a couple times, but even veterans get confused. With so many different versions of Traveller out there — eleven Traveller versions, not even counting the Cepheus Engine versions — even a Traveller expert might get mixed up about any given set of rules.

I decided to draw out a flowchart of the character generation process to help my players. It turned out to be pretty large.

Download a PDF version for easier reading

As you can see, I broke it into boxed sections for easy reference and pasted in some references from the CE Core Rules to make it easier for players to get the job done without flipping through the book. Naturally, they’ll have to use the book to reference the Careers, where all the “meat” of character generation lives. They’ll have to crack open the book to find the equipment lists, too.

Keen observers will note that I have followed the traditional path of old Classic Traveller (and the default in Cepheus Engine): that is, if you fail a Survival Check, your character dies in character generation (and you start the process over with a new character). I think this was an important part of the original rules. Not just for game balance (adding risk to taking too many terms), but also for driving home that the Galaxy is a dangerous place. If you can die in character generation, then surely you better be careful once you start playing!

If you use this for your own games, take caution. I interpreted the Cepheus Engine rules as best I could, but there seemed to be small inconsistencies here and there and my interpretation may not be the one you’d choose.

Anyway, in a day or two, look for a post about how Session Zero went!