I’ve been muddling around with the idea of starting a gaming blog. Or restarting, really. I have lots to say, just not a lot of time to say it. Starting a blog is always fraught with the danger that it’ll die a sad, quiet death. I hope that doesn’t happen here.

I’ll use this space to talk about all things related to role-playing games.

Primarily, at least for now, I’ll spend a lot of time talking about my fantasy setting, Towerlands. A lot of the posts will be works in progress, unfinished ideas, design notes, and so on. Some of it might be useful to you as finished work, but my hope is that seeing the process of setting design will be useful.

The Towerlands is the culmination of a dozen failed attempts at setting creation. Maybe not all of them were total failures — some of them hosted short- or medium-length campaigns with names like Diffinia, Angelia, Transit, The Vise, Essonay, A Thousand Towers, Lasthold, Metrocalypse, City of Brass, Opal Empire, and Mirrorrim. Probably some of the short-lived ones were also called Towerlands (or were set in a place called Towerlands) but this is the first time this setting has been real to me.

I’ve been reaching toward the Towerlands for a decade, though, and I think I’m getting close.

My problem right now is distilling ten thousand ideas into a short “pitch” to get players interested. That means figuring out what is immediately exciting about my setting and packaging it up in a single page of text. I envy those writers who can make every single sentence scream with surety.

I’ll share my first draft of a pitch soon. Then I’ll tear it apart and fix it.

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